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Frequently asked questions

What is Apollonian Insight?

INSIGHT is a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform for company analysis and valuation. By combining cost-, asset-, market-, quality- and earnings-based methodologies Insight reveals the underlying value, risk profile, and growth potential of any given company

What can a company do with Apollonian Insight?

With Insight a company can conduct a holistic analysis of business operations, assess the fair value, and receive recommendations on how to mitigate risks and increase the overall investment readiness. The platform is used for fundraising, M&A, valuations, investment screening, risk analysis, exit preparations and investment management.

How does Apollonian Insight work?

Insight combines quantitative and qualitative data collection methodologies which are analysed using advanced analytics. All results are verified by experts and submitted to the client in the form of a detailed report covering 230 aspects of business operations.

Why might I need a valuation?

There are various situations where a business valuation may be necessary. For example, in advance of funding round, investor reporting, adoption of equity compensation plans and exits, a fair value assessment is often necessary if not mandatory. In addition, companies that are preparing an M&A or planning to adopt a new growth strategy may benefit from conducting a fair value assessment.

Why should I use the Apollonian Insight?

Apollonian Insight is the leading platform for company research and valuation. With Insight, you can share company data safely and receive premium fair value assessments verified by experts. Insight utilizes a market-leading approach towards analysing companies and portfolios with high levels of intellectual assets (including software, IPR, R&D, human capital, strategic partnerships, etc.). Assets that show if a company will be able to survive and prosper in a competitive environment over the long haul. Our independent third-party assessment look at a company inside-out and outside-in, from individual building blocks to competitive advantages, and present the central findings and valuation in one meaningful package

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