Universal company analysis platform

Share company data safely and receive premium fair value assessment verified by experts - providing a 360-degree view of the Company. Conveniently share results and annual updates with owners, investors and other stakeholders with a dedicated data room and API. A flexible software solution adapted to funding round preparations, M&A, option programmes, exits and investment and portfolio assessments.


Insight Lite

Our company research and valuation services for pre-seed and seed-stage companies seeking to attract funding.

Insight SME

Our flagship product dedicated to more mature companies seeking a complete picture of their assets, risk and corporate structure.

Insight Portfolio

Our customised service offering covering all verticals of private equity, asset management and banking.

How to pitch

Improve your pitching skills with our 3-hour intensive e-learning course. Practice skills and track progress at your own pace. The course includes dozens of exercises, real-life examples and case studies that will help you to excel.

Pitch Deck Excellence

Improve your pitch deck with our 2-hour intensive e-learning course. Learn how to produce pitch decks that catch attention. The course includes dozens of exercises, real-life examples, and case studies to help enhance your pitch.

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Why Apollonian

Data-driven Analysis and Modelling

Quantitative and qualitative data collection with secure and dedicated data room and API. We collect relevant and reliable data, perform advanced analytics and send verified results back to the Client. Swift and user-friendly access to data and reports through online dashboard.   

Focus on Intellectual Assets

Market-leading approach towards analysing companies and portfolios with high levels of intellectual assets (software, IPR, R&D, human capital, strategic partnerships etc.). Assets that show if a company will be able to survive and prosper in a competitive environment over the long haul.

Holistic Company Assessment

Independent third-party assessment of the present and future of the Company. We look at a company inside-out and outside-in, from individual building blocks to competitive advantages, and present the central findings and valuation in ONE meaningful package.

Expert Analysis and Verification

Interdisciplinary team of experts with in-depth knowledge about multi-perspective and data-driven company analysis. Our experts analyse and verify all data, connect the dots and propose a tailor-made action plan with key milestones.

Our Analytical Model

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